Since 1565



The firm is resolutely forward-looking and supports its clients in the realisation of their future projects. However, it draws its strength and values from a history that began in 1565. Few enterprises have had such a long life.


Maître DINTRAS was himself the holder of the official records of two of the 114 historical offices in PARIS. These two offices, which bear the numbers XXVI and XC according to the official referencing of the National Archives, were created at the end of the 16th century, in 1579 and 1565 respectively.


OFFICE XXVI. The first notary of this office was Maître Laurent 1st de Monhenault who started his practice on 22 October 1579. From 1579 to the year IV, this office remained in the parish of Saint-Gervais, rue des Barres until 1776, and then place Baudoyer. It moved to Place Vendôme at the beginning of the 19th century and used five different addresses in this area (1816-1843), before settling in rue Boissy d’Anglas.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, it has been located at 15 rue Roquépine.

OFFICE XC. The first notary of this office was Maître Jean Marchant who started his practice on 3 June 1565.
This office was originally located in rue du Temple, rue Saint-Honoré and rue du Poitou. After settling in rue des Arcis in 1633, this office then moved to rue Sainte-Avoie in 1661 and remained there until 1723. In the year VI, it was located in the Palais-Royal district, then in Les Halles. In the year VII, it was in rue des Prouvaires, before moving to rue Thévenot (1837), then to boulevard Sébastopol (1895). It merged with the XXVI firm in 1993 on the initiative of Maître Georges DINTRAS

Here is the list of the predecessors of the current notary partners, in descending chronological order, with the dates on which they began their practice :


Georges DINTRAS (1986)
Philippe CHABRUN (1962)
Albert CONSTANTIN (1925)
Pierre CONSTANTIN (1893)
Gabriel LE VILLAIN (1876)
Ernest DUCLOUX (1875)
Ferdinand DUCLOUX (1841)
Charles GONDOUIN (1820)
Alexandre ROUSSEAU (1813)
Marc COLIN (1789)
Éloi FIEFFÉ (1776)
Jean Jacques BLACQUE (1763)
Nicolas MATHIS (1748)
Dominique CAMUSET (1728)
Jean Louis RICHARD (1719)
Louis RICHARD (1693)
Jean Nicolas de MONHENAULT (1682)
Laurent II de MONHENAULT (1655)
Jean de MONHENAULT (1619)
Laurent I de MONHENAULT (1579)


Georges DINTRAS (1993)
Rémy BLANCHARD (1987)
Jean-Claude CLARY (1965)
Léonce JARRIAND (1930)
René MACIET (1901)
Alban Joseph d’HARDIVILLER (1877)
Marc FABRE (1857)
Auguste MONNOT-LEROY (1833)
Jean-Baptiste LEROUX (1822)
Alphonse Louis VIENOT (1813)
Joseph André TURREL (1794)
Charles GARCERAND (1749)
Guillaume ROSSIGNOL (1747)
François CRÉVON (1721)
Charles II JANSON (1716)
François RAYMOND (1707)
Louis RAYMOND (1661)
François REVERSÉ (1631)
Jacques BRUNEAU (1620)
Nicolas MOTELET (1620)
Claude II de TROYES (1616)
Claude de RIGES (1594)
Mathurin MARCHANT (1591)
Jean MARCHANT (1565)