The study supports artistic creation on a voluntary basis by promoting living artists through exhibitions (permanent or temporary).

Madagascar et white pine #2
Olivier Masmonteil
Oil on canvas, 120 x 100cm

Olivier Masmonteil is a scrupulous, careful and meticulous painter by trade. For 25 years he has been exploring different stages of the history of painting and its classical themes. However, the approach is much more complex than it seems, because by "pinching" this history, it is as much the question of the painting as the status of its author that appears. Indeed, from the first borrowings from Courbet to the use of his motifs in the thirties, it is not only a history of painting that has been turned upside down, but also the social history of its author. The intellectual artist as described by Léonard de Vinci became a genius artist at Baudelaire, then a worker with the avant-garde artists.

Monolithe Jaune
Kevin Rouillard
Steel can, 279 x 164.5 x 3.5cm

Born in 1989, Kevin Rouillard graduated with honours from ENSAB in Paris in 2014. After participating in the 60 th Salon of Montrouge and in the Villa Emerige (Empirists) prize in 2015, he won the Francois de Hatvany Foundation prize. In 2016, he took part in the Distopark exhibition, at the Confort Moderne in Poitiers, as well as in the Nouveau monde industriel, (commissariat Nicolas Bourriaud) at the Galleria Continua/Les Moulins. His works were displayed at the Abbatoirs, FRAC Midi-Pyrénées in Toulouse, for the exhibition called “Autour du nouveau réalisme, Les dadas des Daniel”. In 2017, there were personal exhibitions at “L’Assaut de la menuiserie” in Saint Etienne as well as at The Chimney in New York and also an outdoor collective exhibition at the Centre d’Art in Parc Saint Léger. In 2018, the Junqueira Artists Residency welcomed him in Lisbon resulting in two personal exhibitions. More recently, following the SAM Art Projects prize received in 2018, the Palais de Tokyo housed his personal exhibition “Le Grand Mur” in 2020, while the Thomas Bernard gallery opened, at the same time, his exhibition called “Soudure et Mayonnaise”.